DDIQ’s intelligent system simplifies qualitative research by rapidly extracting and presenting key information on both companies and people. Spend less time gathering information and more time assessing risk and implementing stronger underwriting rules.

DDIQ’s proprietary, intelligence-packed profiles are built from a constantly growing list of 1000+ sources. Identify risks earlier with faster, more accurate due diligence as a decision support tool. Implement stronger underwriting rules by leveraging DDIQ’s innovative system to quickly determine risks associated with individuals and companies.

DDIQ Is For…

Wholesale and Retail Lenders

Warehouse Lenders

Portfolio Lenders

Credit Unions

Mortgage Bankers and Brokers

Mortgage Lenders

Direct Lenders

Secondary Market Lenders


Easily screen new prospective clients, from individuals to international companies by taking the search out of research. In minutes, search the sources that would take hours to review and gain actionable intelligence. Uncover reputational and otherwise hidden risk so you can be confident you really know who you are lending to.


Effortlessly integrate DDIQ into an existing workflow to provide a quality assurance layer to your underwriting process and ensure critical data is never missed. DDIQ iterates on its own findings, automatically trying new and different search terms, including alternative spellings, alternate names and associated entities.


Monitor client accounts and receive real-time alerts. DDIQ will continuously screen for adverse media and flag any potential risks allowing you to pinpoint potential issues and respond proactively.

DDIQ for Lending

  • Increase efficiency while reducing costs
  • Automate day-to-day tasks allowing underwriters to focus on assessing risk
  • Create consistency across underwriting team
  • Change and redefine underwriting rules as business needs change
  • Continuously monitor clients and companies

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