In a world demanding real-time intelligence, DDIQ is the cornerstone of all successful investments; helping investors make faster and better informed decisions. DDIQ puts the power of cognitive computing in the hands of investment professionals.

Get an edge on the competition with DDIQ’s market-leading automated research tool. Identify opportunities and issues earlier with faster, more accurate due diligence as a decision support tool.


DDIQ’s intelligent system simplifies qualitative research by rapidly extracting and presenting key information on both companies and people. Spend less time gathering information and more time making high-value decisions.


For critical decisions, investment professionals turn to DDIQ to ensure everything is evaluated while nothing is missed.

DDIQ Is For…

Private Equity Firms

Hedge Funds

Mutual Funds

Venture Capital

Family Offices

University Endowments


Private Debt Funds

Corporate Development

Asset-Backed Financing

Pension Funds


Quickly uncover the facts that matter most at the onset of an investment opportunity. Research can be slow, cumbersome and costly. DDIQ’s automated decision engine returns actionable results in real-time, enabling cost-effective intelligence.


Gain a richer understanding of all key players through a dynamic investigative interface that ensures even intentionally buried information is uncovered. DDIQ’s proprietary, intelligence-packed profiles are built from a constantly growing list of 1000+ sources.


Follow changes to your investments exposures by monitoring portfolio companies, executives and affiliates. Easily detect major developments that impact your targets, portfolio companies or management teams.

DDIQ for Investments

  • Source structured, unstructured and deep web data
  • Detect potential threats to investments
  • Gain easy to access source material
  • Access cohesive profiles
  • Scalable
  • Create customizable filters


Want to understand more about a particular director or affiliate? With DDIQ, you are always one click and minutes away from an answer.

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