Financial Institutions

The demand for quick, regulatory-compliant due diligence continues to grow as the global market place evolves. With the increasing volume of available data, the ability to develop a real-time, comprehensive risk profile in a timely manner becomes more challenging.

DDIQ searches premium, open web and deep web sources, including watch, sanctions and PEP lists, regulatory sites and company registries to produce a comprehensive profile in minutes. The system ranks and categorizes discovered risks without reporting data on incorrect subjects removing the need to eliminate false positives.


Trained by financial crime compliance experts, DDIQ is ushering in a new era of automated due diligence. DDIQ presents the relevant information in a succinct, auditable profile, designed for rapid review.

Enhanced Due Diligence

Enhanced due diligence teams can leverage DDIQ’s innovative system to quickly determine risks associated with individuals, companies, management teams and other affiliates. Gather a complete picture of your subject within minutes and quickly gauge the scope and effort required to complete an investigation.

Account Refreshes

Using a comprehensive set of sources as well as the open web, DDIQ can flag accounts with risks such as regulatory, legal, reputational, financial and other adverse issues. DDIQ allows focused reviews of watchlist, sanctions, Politically Exposed People (PEP) or adverse media issues so that teams can efficiently and effectively review large client bases.

Client Onboarding

Improved adverse media screening with DDIQ. Onboard efficiently and auditably; screening new prospective clients from individual clients to international companies in a cost effective, streamlined process while meeting regulatory demands.


Continuously monitor hundreds of thousands of accounts automatically. DDIQ can act as an early warning system, flagging accounts with potential adverse changes so efforts can be focused on early review and escalation.

Hit Screening / Transactional Alert Clearing

DDIQ can eliminate false positives automatically, as well as allow for the efficient clearing of alerts by granting teams access to the additional insight that DDIQ provides about the subjects of an alert or hit.

Vendor Management & Third Party Onboarding

Ensure compliance to the FCPA, UK Bribery Act and Conflict Mineral regulations while reducing reputational and fraud risk among your suppliers, vendors and other third party relationships. DDIQ is ushering in a new era of automated due diligence by allowing for the auditable, efficient onboarding and monitoring of third parties.

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