Corporate Compliance

DDIQ allows cost efficient implementation of detection and monitor programs. DDIQ aids organizations in their compliance to the FCPA, UK Bribery Act, ISO 37001 and Conflict Mineral regulations, while also reducing reputational and fraud risk among their suppliers, vendors and other third party relationships. DDIQ is ushering in a new era of automated due diligence by allowing for the auditable, efficient onboarding and monitoring of third parties.

DDIQ has been trained by experienced public record due diligence investigators to execute searches across premium content, open web regulatory and company registry content as well as deep web data sources.


In a matter of minutes, DDIQ is capable of completing a thorough due diligence investigation covering searches and content that would take a human hours to replicate. Helping to ensure reasonable and proportionate anti-bribery controls.


Gain faster insight into risks associated with companies, management teams and other affiliates, all presented in a profile designed by due diligence researchers for rapid review.

DDIQ Is For…

Companies with International Footprints
Consumer Packaged Goods
Culture and Leisure
Import Export
International Trade Corporations
Retail and Wholesale
Service Based Corporations
Travel and Hospitality

Vendor / Supplier / Third Party Onboarding

Supply chain risk management for the modern world. Understand the relative risk posed by each third-party relationship. Regardless of the investigator’s skill, DDIQ accurately associates data relevant to the subject of the investigation, delivering consistent and auditable profiles. DDIQ delivers results in clean, better defined segments than traditional algorithmic segmentation tools.


Red flag level intelligence in minutes. Identify Watchlist, Politically Exposed Person (PEP) and sanctions alerts. Configurable confidence settings customize the amount of information analysts need to review. Save valuable time weeding through irrelevant content with accurately associated results on the subject of the investigation.


Save your resources by having DDIQ automatically monitor partners and clients in an auditable process that ensures compliance with all detect and monitor requirements. DDIQ can continuously monitor the web and flag any potential risks associated with your partners, vendors or clients. Quickly uncover potential reputational and otherwise hidden risk so your company can respond proactively.

Account Refreshes and Remediations

Using a comprehensive set of sources as well as the open web, DDIQ can flag accounts with risks such as regulatory, legal, reputational, financial and other adverse issues. DDIQ allows focused reviews of watchlist, sanctions, Politically Exposed People (PEP) or adverse media issues so that teams can efficiently and effectively review large sets of third parties.

DDIQ for Corporate Compliance

  • Comprehensive set of searches
  • Intelligent interpretation of results
  • De-duplicate findings related to the same event
  • Connect to all types of sources including premium, open web and deep web
  • Easily integrate new sources
  • Consistent and auditable approach to every profile build
  • A unique ability to restrict or extend the DDIQ search capacity to various use cases
  • Ensure appropriate investigative due diligence controls with streamlined auditable process

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