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New Techniques to Mitigate Terrorist Financing and Money Laundering Risks

Are data analytics solutions the future of financial crime prevention? President of Exiger Tech, Brandon Daniels, and a panel of global industry experts take the Singapore FinTech Festival mainstage to dissect the cutting-edge (and bleeding edge) techniques being used by financial institutions today and what it means for tomorrow.


Watch the full panel below to understand how data analytics solutions can effectively manage scalability and detect financial crime.


Key Highlights:

  • New Techniques:
    President of Exiger Tech, Brandon Daniels, discussed cutting-edge (and bleeding edge) techniques being used by financial institutions today – and what they mean for tomorrow
  • Cooperation:
    DBS Group Head of Compliance Chee Kin Lam emphasized that by being the ‘good guys’ – banks, governments, regulators, and technology partners should work together to tackle financial crime. But how do financial institutions get the help they need to do that?

Practical Guidance to Deploying AI in AML and Sanctions Detection

Hear from Brandon Daniels explain how to manage the design, deployment, and testing of AI in Financial Crime Compliance under the existing regulatory and model risk regime – on the Singapore FinTech Festival Sandbox Stage.


Watch the video below to learn more.


Key Highlights:

  • Foundations of AI
    Achieving operational excellence and efficiency requires the 4 key foundations of AI:
    – Feature Creation
    – Transformation
    – Classification
    – Monitoring
  • The Key to Success
    AI alone cannot succeed by itself. AI models are extremely dependent on educated and experienced expertise, therefore collaboration between human and machine is mandatory to perfecting AI in order to rely on it to drive consistent, auditable, and accurate decisions.

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About the Speaker

Brandon Daniels is the President of Exiger Tech, overseeing the execution of data-driven solutions in the firm’s regulatory and Financial Crime Compliance (FCC) efforts.

A regulatory expert and technology practitioner, Brandon brings 15+ years in senior management across the financial services, life sciences and energy sectors. With a reputation for technological innovation in regulatory investigations and compliance management, Brandon is responsible for leading assessments of the design, deployment, and operational management of FCC systems and technology.


Contribution to ACIP Paper:

Read Brandon’s contribution to the recently published AML/CFT Industry Partnership (ACIP) paper, which provides practical guidance for member banks in their journeys of adopting and implementing data analytics in AML/CFT.

ACIP is a private public partnership established in April 2017 which is co-chaired by the Commercial Affairs Department of the Singapore Police Force and the Monetary Authority of Singapore. It was formed to bring together selected industry participants, regulators, law enforcement agencies and other government entities in Singapore to collaboratively identify, assess and mitigate key ML/TF risks in Singapore.


DDIQ is an AI-Based Automated Due Diligence Solution that Accelerates and Enhances Risk Assessment Related to Clients, Investments, Transactions, Third-Parties and Counterparties


Programmed by expert technologists and taught by Exiger’s financial crime compliance professionals, DDIQ uses AI to read, understand, and analyze content with the same approach and cognitive reasoning as a human… without the constraints.

Whether a single investigation target or millions of monitored transactions, DDIQ rapidly executes hundreds of searches and analyzes thousands of sources. It then identifies, classifies, and ranks the risk-based information and delivers it in an easy to read profile.

As a critical component of a regulatory compliance program or a routine part of investment analysis, DDIQ helps you identify risk more rigorously and efficiently than ever before.

Cost effective, auditible compliance from Know Your Client (KYC) onboarding to account reviews to Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD).

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Cost effective, auditible compliance.


Automate your process for third party detect and monitor programs.


Don’t make bad decisions that good research can avoid.


Screen out bad risks that good research can avoid.


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