ISO 37001

Anti-bribery management systems

DDIQ automated due diligence technology supports a certified ISO 37001

anti-bribery, anti-corruption program

ISO 37001 Anti-Bribery Requirements…

More advanced investigation than a watchlist screen

DDIQ produces automated due diligence reports on companies and people. Searching the open and deep web, examining thousands of international structured and unstructured sources, DDIQ surfaces and analyzes everything relevant. All content is presented in comprehensive categories with a full audit trail of the investigation.

Due diligence on third parties as well as their key direct and indirect stakeholders

When searching a company, DDIQ automatically kicks off ancillary searches on key stakeholders. Any found risks on these subjects will be included in the DDIQ company due diligence report for review and adjudication.

International, multi-language and jurisdictional due diligence

DDIQ searches for risk in more than 48 languages and continuously adds international jurisdictional sources as they come online as well as adding new language translation capabilities, automatically expanding the scope of its due diligence to wherever a company’s third parties exist.

Research on more than just criminal convictions

A reputation for events like fraud, misconduct and / or illegal activity is now considered necessary for investigation. DDIQ uncovers and categorizes risk information in the following categories: general information, regulatory compliance and government, adverse / reputational, legal, noteworthy and reference.

Implementation of a continuous monitor process

DDIQ Risk Monitoring automates continuous scanning of the open web for new risks on your subject on an regular user defined basis – as frequently as nightly. No other solution on the market has the comprehensive, on-going risk monitoring that DDIQ provides. Any subject can be monitored and measured helping you to comply with the new ISO standard.

DDIQ was built to help your business efficiently and cost-effectively meet ISO37001 requirements

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