About DDIQ

DDIQ is a risk-based cognitive computing platform that combines automation with the skills of a human researcher to uncover and analyze regulatory risks of a subject that are not found using current techniques. DDIQ empowers compliance teams at financial institutions, Corporations and investment firms to mitigate risk and meet the increasing demands of regulators to automatically and constantly screen all available public data about a subject while preparing auditable reports.


DDIQ is developed by OutsideIQ a team who has repeatedly launched successful technologies in the cognitive computing and compliance technology markets. For more information on OutsideIQ visit OutsideIQ.com.

OutsideIQ is the leader in investigative cognitive computing. OutsideIQ brings together some of the world’s foremost experts on search with the best data scientists, big data professionals and software engineers to solve the complex problems of search for due diligence. Leveraging a proprietary approach to research that combine automated data discovery with the data interpretation abilities that emulate a human researcher, OutsideIQ is changing the way that financial services industries vet their customers and handle their complex compliance requirements. OutsideIQ is based out of Toronto, Canada.


For more information on OutsideIQ, please visit at www.outsideiq.com

Exactech Case Study 

DDIQ Brings Improved Due Diligence Reporting to Heavily Regulated Healthcare Environment

Euro Exim Bank Case Study

Al Helps a 10-Person Bank Provide a Viable Alternative for Due Diligence

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